Thursday, October 16, 2014

Catering With Raw and Cooked - A Bridal Shower

Last weekend I had the loveliest privilege of catering for our daughter's bridal shower.

The food was a mix of cooked and uncooked and, since I always promote the 'do-ability' of the mix 'n match approach, I thought I'd tell you what I did.

The savoury choices were club sandwiches (very traditional), Devils on Horseback which are dates wrapped in bacon (free range, of course), skewered and baked until crispy and smell amazing. They are popular and take guests by surprise at how well the flavours mix. My raw contribution was small squares cut from red capsicums and dotted with smoked cashew cheese; perfect for those who love cheese but can't eat it (like me).

The baked sweets were cupcakes decorated with pink hearts (brought by my dear friend - thank you, Karen), and scrabble-type biscuit platter spelling the couple's names and wedding appropriate words.

The raw sweets were not obvious with the exception of the strawberries, which were on a beautiful vintage mirror in the company of my raw chocolates. Mini cheesecakes were created in crystal wine glasses (although I used dairy cream not nut cream). Of course, there was no refined sugar in the raw sweets (I used agave syrup) to the delight of some of the guests who were not eating sugar.

I was delighted at the way both cooked and uncooked worked so well together and was confident that my raw dishes held their own for a very important occasion.

So please be assured when I say that including beautiful fresh, uncooked and raw foods can make perfect dishes to serve guests.

In case you're wondering, I served tea, coffee, a range of herbals and shop-bought concentrated juice with soda water.

I hope you enjoy the photos.



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