Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Ideas

I love it when fringe knowledge becomes more accepted by mainstream papers and their readers. In one of our national papers yesterday is this article: ‘Superfoods You Didn’t Know About’. The writer is presumptuous in assuming my lack of knowledge but I admit there’s a couple there I hadn’t heard of.

Are you still thinking about what to give as gifts this year? Me, too.

Consider the following list and know you are giving not only health but the food suggestions are all fair trade, too. Double bonus points.

1. Joy to the World, Christmas and Summer Raw Food Class, 30 November.
Give a ticket to your friend, daughter, son or parent. Consider buying one
for yourself and enjoy the afternoon together. Tickets are $120. 
2. Chocolate – raw and fair trade **change prices on site
3. Coffee or Tea – fair trade and organic
4. Herbal Teas – New Zealand grown ** 30g $19.90
5. Organic Reflect Outdoor Balm (sunblock) and Body Cream. This is my Independent Rep site
6. Organic Body Care. Same site as #5 above.
7. Superfoods, eg maca, mesquite, InLiven
8. Personal Blender
9. Starter Packs – choose from Smoothie or Sweet Treats.
10.Consultation – The Raw Foundations Package. Get started with confidence
and fast track your way to a higher raw life.

Free courier (NZ only) on the above for all of November.

All of the above can be found on our website
Any questions get in touch:
Have a fabulous week!


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Friday, November 8, 2013

Easiest Food Changes From Less Cooked to More Raw

What are the easiest changes to make first as one transitions to eating more raw food and less cooked?

This week I had the pleasure and privilege of speaking to a Rotary group and that was one of the questions asked of me.

Before I tell you what my answer was, I’d like to remind you to make your reservation for my Christmas and summer raw food class, 30 November, Joy to the World.

All bookings made this week will receive a free Coconut Nectar, 250g. This is used in many sweet recipes and is a good alternative to agave syrup. Valued at $10.90.

Back to the question I answered: My opinion was to start with three areas: salad dressings, smoothies and sweet treats.

Salad dressings are a good way to start because it can be the difference between you and your family eating a salad willingly or struggling through it.

The problem with shop bought dressings is that they usually have sugar, hydrogenated fats, preservatives and ‘numbers’ included. Not exactly ideal to top a healthy salad with.

The prospect of eating a naked salad is also unappealing to most, including me. A selection of raw dressings that are healthy, taste good and are easy to make will mean eating salads in your house will be food gold.

This week I give you the raw current favourite in our household: Honey Mustard Dressing. See below.

The second recommendation I gave was smoothies. If you have a blender, a blender stick or food processor you will be able to create smoothies. These liquid meals are versatile and an efficient way to include a range of fruits, greens, superfoods and good oils in one delicious ‘go’.

Today’s lunchtime smoothie included, banana, berries, milk, coconut oil, honey, maca powder, chia seeds and hemp flakes. It super powered me through the afternoon. If I’d included a few greens or a green powder, it would’ve been even better.

As you can see, there is plenty of room to mix and match whatever fruits, superfood and liquid you would prefer and, frankly, what you have on hand.Last suggestion was sweet treats. Most folk have a sweet tooth. If this isn’t you then this option might be so-so on your scale of food priorities. However, the chances are pretty good that some in your family and circle of friends may well appreciate a healthy, raw sweet treat.

At Rotary the other night, I demonstrated Chocolate, Cherry and Macadamia Balls. Easy, delicious and very good for you.I’ll put the recipe up in the Recipe Section on my website soon so check that if you would like to give then a whirl.

Honey Mustard Dressing
¼ c raw honey
2/5 c extra virgin olive oil (2/5 c is just over ¼ c)
¼ c ready-made mustard of your choice**
¼ c apple cider vinegar (I use Waihi Bush)
1 ½ t Himalayan salt

Blend together until thick and keep in fridge. Will keep for around two weeks.
**Try to choose a mustard that doesn’t use preservatives.

This recipe will vary in flavour depending on what type of honey you use, the flavour of your favourite olive oil and of course, what type of mustard you choose.

(Based on a recipe by



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