Friday, July 18, 2014

How to Banish the Winter Blues

In the crisp air of this morning I saw a sight that made me smile: a Tui in the pink blossom up our drive. It reminded me that spring is on its way. Winter does not last forever, although it sometimes feels like it. Every winter is slightly different but one thing is sure: spring always comes.

Winter can be a tough season for many of us. If there’s a time of year you’ll get a case of the blues, this is it. I know that there are those of you out there feeling that now and I wanted to tell you that it’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with you and that this will pass. Spring will come to your winter, too.

When you see blossom coming out or a daffodil waving its pretty yellow bonnet, take this as your own personal sign that all is well and spring WILL come.

If you’ve got a case of the blues or know someone who has, you might like to read through this check list I posted earlier in the year.

As for me, it’s been a busy week getting ready for my raw food class next Saturday 26 July. I’m enjoying checking through the recipes again. This afternoon we double checked the Chocolate and Mint Slice, yum.

I also had a nice chat to the lady in the fruit and veggie shop asking her opinion about the strength of her chillies. I need to check them in the Thai Inspired Noodle dressing tomorrow. Chillies are not my speciality and I don’t want to have my class guests rushing for the kitchen to douse the flames of their mouth nor do I want it to register on their palate as ‘meh’.

Making and testing food – what a dream job!

Raw Lunch Class

The Early Bird rate has expired but there are still some seats available at the full price. Go here to secure your place as there will definitely be a cut off soon.



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Friday, July 11, 2014

Honey Mustard Dressing and Raw food Class Early Bird Cut-Off

A reminder for those of you wanting to come to my raw food class, A Raw Lunch, the Early Bird rate finishes on 16th July with the full price of $120 pp applying as of 17th.

You can reserve your spot here.

Coleslaw is a great salad for the winter months. Sooner or later, the reaction can be “oh, no, not coleslaw again!”

Here are some ideas to jazz it up a bit:
* Use other types of cabbage with or without the ubiquitous green; purple or savoy both make new appeal for the eyes, and offer nutrients not in your green cabbage (especially the purple)
* Slice up a small amount of red onion into slivers and toss in
* Add a handful of sprouts
* A tablespoon or two of cashews or sunflower seeds
* Some finely diced fruit to taste. This week we’ve used pineapple for a coleslaw and mango for another

Changing one or two ingredients is all it takes to create culinary interest again and, suddenly you’ve presented gourmet coleslaw worthy of a restaurant or café.

If you buy a packet of pre-cut coleslaw from the supermarket, do yourself a favour and ditch the dressing that comes with it. Replace it with a healthier dressing such as Honey Mustard, home-made and raw (well, mostly raw). It has a strong warm flavour that is perfect for this time of year.

Honey Mustard Dressing
¼ c Ready-made mustard* of your choice or homemade
¼ c Extra Virgin Olive Oil** (I use Trade Aid or a NZ product)
¼ c Raw Honey***
¼ c Coconut vinegar or Apple cider vinegar** (I use Waihi Bush)
1 ½ t Himalayan salt (or other ‘good’ salt)
2 t chia seed**
Whizz all ingredients together in food processor or blender. Check flavour and make adjustment to suit your palate. Store in jar or convenient squirtee bottle. Keep in fridge. Lasts for weeks.
* If buying your mustard choose one that has the least amount of sugar and little or no preservatives or artificial colours.
** Available in my shop.
*** Raw honey can be bought from Waitemata Honey in Te Kea Place, Rosedale, Albany or try your local farmers market or health shop.

The chia seed was a recent addition to the recipe as DS18 wanted the dressing thicker so it didn’t “go everywhere” on the sandwiches he takes to uni.


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The Original Private Gold and Silver Bullion Custodian
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