Saturday, September 29, 2012

Juicing – Part Three

Health Benefits -This winter I’ve done a lot of juicing and my family have avoided cold and flu viruses. That has made the outlay worth it – no lost time in sickness, the expense of tissues and the general misery a cold or flu brings with it. Our 16 year old son started to have lots of juice after two colds, one after the other, early in the season. He’s a juice convert, now. Salad in a glass, he calls it.

Pulp Waste - Recently a friend said that because of the pulp waste of juicing, she was cutting back. I’ve been thinking about this, and whilst it does seem wasteful, it’s pretty much the just the fibre left behind. Most of the ‘goodness’ is now in the juice. If you have a compost or worm farm then officially, it’s not a waste – circle of life and all that.

I’ve found a recipe that uses carrot pulp to make a raw carrot cake. I’ve not tried it yet but I’m keen.

Health Risks - Remember that you’re drinking a lot of sugar if it’s mainly fruit you’re juicing. Whilst that isn’t particularly an issue if you don’t have health issues, it can be a consideration if you do have ‘something going on.’ Obviously, diabetes is one. Another would be certain types of cancer and candida. You need to have a chat to your doctor if you’re implemented changes in your diet, even if the changes are good ones.

Also, see a reference to Go More Raw in the NZ Herald this week, here



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