Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fair Trade Fortnight

Applause for the companies who work in the Fair Trade industry.

We cannot know all the stories of those that our buying decisions help but we do know that parents can better support their children and educate them, appliances bought to free small businesses from oppressive high rates of light machinery (such as sewing machines) and, women and girls freed from the prostitution 'industry'. There are as many stories as there are goods and it is satisfying to know that our purchases contribute to a fairer world and justice.

Those in my honour-list this week include All Good Organics, Freeset and Loving Earth.

All Good Organics import bananas and also create an amazing range of healthier soft drinks, all made with fair trade fruit and sugar. I know there's still sugar in the drink but when family members are not ready or willing to make the jump to sugar-free this is the ideal alternative. Check their range here.

Very soon you'll be able to buy boxes of All Good Organics soft drinks via my shop. Our family has been sampling their way through the range and I must say, they are very good indeed. A fine treat.

Freeset make eco-friendly bags of all kinds (including custom for businesses) and tee shirts. To view and purchase you can pop into Windsor Cafe (Mairangi Bay) where there is a wide range to choose from. Purchasing these products support women who would otherwise have to return to prostitution to support themselves and their families. If you're not in Auckland, check their website They are members of Fair Trade Federation and World Fair Trade Organization.

If you stay for coffee at Windsor Cafe, you may like to know they use a fair trade coffee from PNG.

Loving Earth bring to market the raw products I mostly choose, such as cacao powder, nibs and butter, agave syrup and coconut sugar (which isn't raw) and a whole lot more. Their tag line is 'healthy, sustainable and fair' and they are certified organic. My shop stocks a lot of their products. If you'd like to read some of their producer's stories, visit their site,

Never forget the power of your purchases! A drop in the bucket, it may be, but a lot of drips fill a bucket pretty quickly.



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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mothers' Day and Fair Trade Fortnight

Double Chocolate Rolls

* Low refined sugar
* No palm oil
* Dairy free
* Egg free
* Gluten free
* Fair Trade Certified
* raw (except the chocolate)
* vegan

A delicious recipe to make for mum this coming Mother's Day. If you need reminding or you need to show this blog to someone who might need reminding, it is this Sunday, 11 May.

Most mums adore chocolate. This recipe brings together our desire for that Beautiful Treat, health and ethics all literally rolled into one perfect combination.


The ingredients are all found in your local Trade Aid shop. If you can't get them together in time for this Sunday, never mind, this recipe is wonderful any time of the year because chocolate is not seasonal. Who needs a reason to eat chocolate anyway?

Fair Trade Fortnight is 3 - 18 May. I'm not telling you anything new with the 'why' of choosing Fair Trade brands when you can. The power of our purse can be phenomenal, and don't think for a minute that little-ol-you can't make a difference. Yes, you can.

In our shop we carry a number of Trade Aid products and fair trade items. Our latest is All Good Organics soft drinks. More about these fab alternative fizzies next week.

For those of you whose mums are no longer with us, I hope you enjoy the memories. Happy Mothers' Day everyone!

Double Chocolate Balls
1 packet Trade Aid Almonds (100g)
1 packet Trade Aid Medjoul Dates (200g)
3 - 4 T Trade Aid cocoa powder (depending on how strong mum likes it)
Small pinch Himalayan salt or other good salt
1 t vanilla essence
6 squares Trade Aid dark chocolate, roughly chopped**
Coconut for rolling

Using a food processor, grind almonds until in small pieces. Add dates, cocoa, salt and vanilla - process until a well-mixed, soft dough is formed. Throw in chopped chocolate pieces and process until well mixed but chocolate is still in tiny pieces. Roll into balls and roll in coconut. Indulge.

Recipe copyright to GoMoreRaw Ltd and Christine Smith. You are welcome to share/publish my recipe but please include credit to You can also purchase many of the ingredients from my website.

** These squares are from the 200g bar of chocolate. If you buy the 100g bar, use eight to ten squares.



The Anglo-Far East Company
The Original Private Gold and Silver Bullion Custodian
Your reference when you order: an-001