Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Energy Boosting Smoothies

When a cynical-about-raw-food male (who shall remain anonymous) wants to know what was in that smoothie that he had (because he had so much energy), then I know I must be on to something.

I served a similar smoothie to a guest with the fly-away comment he might find he had more energy later in the day. He most certainly did. An email arrived in my Inbox wanting to know what was in it so he could make it, too.

Chia Seeds

The secret ingredients would have to have been the chia seeds and maca powder. Chia is said to be the ‘endurance food’ of ancient Aztecs. Maca was eaten by a pre-Inca people and was known for its super food qualities – not that there would’ve been that word back then.

There was also bee pollen in the smoothie that is a good nutrient dense, high protein supplement. (Collected sustainably, might I add)

As I have told you before, I love my smoothies. They are a super easy and efficient way to get an amazing range of food into me that I probably wouldn’t eat if they were all on a plate and certainly not as quickly.

I commend them to your eating plan. Use a range of seasonal fruits, include some greens or use a green powder, pop in a spoonful of coconut oil or flaxseed oil, and whatever super foods or supplements you want.

So here’s the smoothie I made those two blokes:

Banana (frozen for the ice creamy effect)
Blueberries or raspberries
Nut milk 
Coconut oil
Bee pollen
Chia seeds
Whizzed in the Vita-Mix it is delectably ice creamy.

A brew like this will get me through the afternoon quite nicely; it’s been a long time since I suffered the post-lunch slump.

Pure health disguised as a thick shake that delivers energy. And who couldn’t do with more of that?


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