Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life's Not Fair

So drawled Scar on The Lion King. The adults laughed, probably for two reasons. Firstly, we’ve been around long enough to know it’s the truth and, secondly, we hear our kids say it all the time, like they’re the only ones it’s ever happened to. And if we’re honest, we’re inclined to lament the line as well.

Every so often I write in my blog or say to clients that eating high raw (or all raw) offers no guarantee to me (or you) that I will escape life’s bullets of ill health or life threatening disease. Because of recent events within my circle of contacts, a few weeks ago I witnessed the truth of this.

Anyone who says that positive thinking, eating only food that creates an alkaline state or otherwise following rules of healing will fix ‘it’ is wrong. 
I will say again there are no guarantees that I will finally depart this life as a healthy and vibrant old lady. I might, but I might not. 

The only thing I know for sure is that by living the way I do I raise my chances of it significantly. And that is quite different.
It would be easy for me to only tell you about the lovely success stories I hear so often. That would be duplicitous at best, hypocritical and dishonest at worst.

Fortunately, there are so many stories of improved health, symptoms disappearing, increase of energy and weight being lost. These stories far outweigh the ‘not-quite’ versions. I see the effects of food and drink changes so often that it convinces me of the truth in the possibilities but not in the 100%.

Everything in life is a risk. It really depends on what we choose to do. Doing nothing is a risk, too. I would rather manage my risk than let life buffet me at its will.

Death will reach us all in the end but I’m doing my best to live the longest, most fulfilling life I can.
A correction to the blog sent on the 18th May, 2013.

"In 90% of breast cancer tumours, parabens are found. Link 1. Link 2." is re-phrased to the following:

The two studies mentioned found parabens in breast tissue taked from female participants who had had tumours removed. The tumours themselves were not tested. Additionally, some study participants reported having never used underarm cosmetics (the suggested source of parabens), yet parabens were still found in their breast tissue.

The correlation suggested between parabens in these studies was that breast tissue could be a storage area for some types of parabens. As yet, there is no correlation between parabens and the causation of breast tumours. But, as I mentioned in the original post, knowing parabens are found in breast tissue is sufficient knowledge for me to avoid them and wait for further studies.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Easy Sprouts

Many of you Kiwi readers will be familiar with Good Magazine. I am proud to be part of their blogger-squad. There are three blog posts so far and I will be publishing one each fortnight on their webpage. You can find a link to them here.

These blogs will be different from my usual weekly musings so you may like to pop over and subscribe to Good Fortnightly; it is free. If on the other hand you fancy subscribing to their hard copy magazine (monthly) as well, there is a link on the free newsletter page.

If you're one of my overseas readers, then you can enjoy a little bit of Good kiwi writing, too.

I get their magazine and I enjoy it every time. So if you're even one of these: slightly (or very) green, like recycling, try to buy local, do a bit of DIY sometimes, enjoy fashion and food that is eco-conscious but still amazing, then this magazine is for you!

Fellow Aucklanders (and those who like to travel) might be interested in Good's Event, Discover the Secrets of Slow.

Amazing Sprouts is now in stock. Get yourself a copy for $18.50 (+ post)

"Amazing recipes and techniques on how to successfully sprout at home.

Pam Blowers - Author and founder of Viola Organics has written an informative and helpful 84 page book providing you with tips, recipes, ideas and contacts for all that is required to sprout a delicious array of vegetables.

Save lots of money by sprouting your own seeds, all that is required is a glass jar and special sprouting lid and you're away.

Other recipes included; smoothies, dressing, hummus, cakes, vegetarian patties and much more."


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Breast Cancer, Angelina Jolie and Me (and you)

Breast cancer is scary. Any cancer is scary. Angelina Jolie's decision to have a double mastectomy has brought a flurry of callers to talk-back - all with their stories of how it has been for them: their mother, aunt, sister, grandmother etc. I don't think there are many readers of this blog who haven't been affected by breast cancer, including me.

My maternal grandmother had pre-menopausal breast cancer and was one of the first successful post-mastectomy survivors in New Zealand, in the 1940's. It has made me very aware and I've already had one 'scare' needing an operation a few years back. All clear, thankfully - for now.

So what do I do to raise my chances of outsmarting and avoiding breast cancer? Trying to stay informed is important. Well thought out decisions can be made if you do due diligence to the plethora of information available. I read conventional as well as alternative and some that combine the two. So here is my approach.

I'm pretty careful about what goes into my body; I eat and drink well - this forms part of my decision to remain high raw. I've written about it a lot.

I'm also pretty careful about what goes ON to my body and what cleaning products come into our house. As much as possible I choose body care that is as chemical free as possible. The first things I look for on an ingredient label are parabens. In 90% of breast cancer tumours, parabens are found. Link 1. Link 2. Now whether they cause or contribute to tumours or if breast tissue is a storage area, is moot to me. They are there and I'm not waiting for research to discover it for me. I will pay more for body care and cosmetics that contain as few chemicals as possible. What goes on to the skin (the largest organ our body has) is absorbed into our body - again whether it is a little or a lot being absorbed is immaterial to me. A little is good enough reason for me to change what I buy.

Even if there are no parabens, I play ingredient detective on the other items.

If you don't know where to start with good body care products, here are some brands: Miessence (this is the link to my site), Inika, Karen Murrell, Karen Farley, Trilogy, Viola, Living Nature, Annmarie Gianni. There are more but that list is to get you started.

For house products I use Wendyl's Green Goddess, make it myself (ask me for recipes for laundry liquid and dish washer powder) or choose what I think is the best in the supermarket. Beware the 'green washing' that is on labels. Check research in conscientious magazines such as Organic NZ and Good. Don't forget Uncle Google - he can be quite helpful.

This body is the only one I'll have so I choose to give it the material it needs to maintain, fight and repair.

These actions are part of my Life Insurance program. I know there are no guarantees but I also know I raise me and my family's chances of avoiding disease or fighting it if I do these things.

I haven't said anything about mammography or thermography - except that I'm overdue (tut, tut) and I will make an appointment for one or the other very soon.

New book this week: Amazing Sprouts by Pamela Blowers (NZ) $18.50. Author and founder of Viola Organics. I read it this week and found it inspiring and easy to implement. I'm pleased to recommend it to you (with the exception of the few soy inclusions - you might recall I'm not 'best friends'with soy)



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