Sunday, January 20, 2013

Who Wants a Vita-Mix?

Holiday is over; back to work. Fortunately it’s ‘work’ I love.

I do hope you have had a refreshing break and are feeling well and truly ready for 2013.

I have got a good deal for you….but first let me say that my wish for you all is that you will be able to bring yourself one step closer to your health goals. Since this is the time of year when we begin with good intentions, let me ask you: what is it you need to be able to accomplish these?

Do you want to:
·        Loose weight?
·        Learn how to make interesting fresh, raw food?
·        Improve the health of your family?
·        Learn how to become dairy, sugar or gluten free without ‘missing’ important minerals?
·        Tackle a health  issue*? Coeliac disease, diabetes, chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, cancer, MS?
·        Re-set your digestive system (including taming candida)?
·        Increase your protein intake for sport?
·        Gain energy?
·        Find chemical free cleaners for your house and, Body Care for you and your family?

I can help you with any of these areas. Consider booking a consultation with me that will help put you on the fast track to your goals. A consultation will save you time and money. Email or message me on Facebook ( to see if this is the right thing for you.

If you or I don’t think we’re the best ‘fit’ for a consultation then I’m sure we can be honest together and say so. If we are, then we’ll book a time, I’ll send you the invoice and then we’ll ‘get down to business’. This is for my overseas readers, too – Skype is a wonderful thing!

Back to that Good Deal I mentioned: I have decided to slash the price of Vita-Mix blenders. I want to help you get one of these marvelous machines into your kitchen; you will never regret it! (This is for my New Zealand readers only.) This special is valid for four weeks.

Take $100 off:
5200 Black, White or Red model  was $1295 now $1195
Stainless Steel, was $1450 now $1350

And for your reading enjoyment, have a browse of this: Eating fruit and veg will make you happier

It cheers me when I read articles such as these in our National paper – it means healthy eating is no longer the domain of The Weird Ones. Hurray!

*Please note I am not a doctor. If you come to me with health issues, please maintain contact with your doctor so he or she knows what you’re up to.



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