Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why I Am a Raw Food Consultant

You know what I do, but do you know why? Have I told you?

Early this week I was asked this. It’s often the ‘what’ we tell people about but it’s the ‘why’ that’s really important.

My first answer would be because I saw what more raw food did for me. I had more energy, lost weight and felt more alert than I can remember feeling.

The second answer, no less important than the first, is because I see what more raw food has done and keeps doing for my clients and customers. They have the similar stories to mine and also a variety of health-changing and wellness tales, too.

I have a certainty that more raw food can delivers what it promises, and the benefits can be life-changing in all realms: physical, mental and spiritual.

And there, Dear Readers, is my ‘why’.

Real food, real results.

I am passing on to you a Christmas Present from Karen Knowler, 12 Days of Raw Christmas. Definitely worth a visit.

Next week I shall blog about Travelling Healthy, with tips to keep you on track during your holiday season.

This week I leave you with the GoMoreRaw Gift Guide. Ask about our Gift Wrap and Card Service, too.

Have a fabulous week!



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