Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Healthy Holidays

aka How to Not Fall Off the Wagon (too much!)

The travelling time of year doesn’t mean you have to leave healthy habits at home.

Here are ideas that might work for you.

If you are staying with folk who do not share your eating priorities, there are a couple of ways to manage this. Consider letting your hosts know as soon as possible if there’s anything you can’t eat. Be prepared to compromise: make a list of what’s really important and what’s not quite so important. Go over the list. Go over it again. They probably already know you have ‘odd’ eating habits so may be prepared to accommodate some variety. If your host does ask, perhaps you could offer to send a couple of (easy) recipes – problem identified (you were asked), solution suggested (you provided alternatives).
Say you will bring food contributions.
Arrange to share meal preparation.
It probably doesn’t matter too much to have white bread instead of whole meal or conventional chicken instead of free range, for a short period of time.
Tip #1 Choose your battles wisely. This is not the right time to convince your host of a better way of eating.
Tip #2 Practice grace.
Tip #3 Be the (silent) walking advertisement.
Take a probiotic such as InLiven. If you’re travelling overseas this is important. Having a gut ready for the inevitable exposure to less-than-optimum food and preparation practices is preventative action. This advice is not only for developing countries, either!
When travelling I also take Body Balance, a liquid supplement that will easily plug any nutritional gaps when I can’t be in control of my food. For overseas travel it is available as a powder.
Take a green powder such as Deep Green Alkalising Powder that can easily be added to a juice or water. Especially if you are used to eating lots of greens.
Do an internet search for Juice Bars, health food shops and cafes. Do this before you leave home.
Prunes, in case you are not served the fibre your body is accustomed to. You might be practicing grace but you can’t send an email to your gut to advice it of impending change.

Personal Blender

Personal Blender. Fantastic for motels, hostels, holiday homes/bachs. I have taken my Vita-Mix on holiday but it’s heavy and takes too much room. The PB is great for single smoothies, grinding nuts to butter, breadcrumbs, coffee beans, etc. Brilliant device.
Choose healthy options when you’re out
Take your own snacks and surreptitious nibbles. You can choose smaller portions at a meal table and know you won’t be hungry. Raw bars, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit and vegetable snacks.
Drink water! This sounds like a Captain Obvious statement but with a change of routine it is easy to forget to drink as much as you usually do.
If the food you eat (or don’t eat) is going to cause a rift, then seriously consider staying in a motel/hotel and spend the day with your friends and family.

Note : most products above can be purchased here.

Anyone else have some good ideas for ‘travelling healthy’?


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