Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Ideas

I love it when fringe knowledge becomes more accepted by mainstream papers and their readers. In one of our national papers yesterday is this article: ‘Superfoods You Didn’t Know About’. The writer is presumptuous in assuming my lack of knowledge but I admit there’s a couple there I hadn’t heard of.

Are you still thinking about what to give as gifts this year? Me, too.

Consider the following list and know you are giving not only health but the food suggestions are all fair trade, too. Double bonus points.

1. Joy to the World, Christmas and Summer Raw Food Class, 30 November.
Give a ticket to your friend, daughter, son or parent. Consider buying one
for yourself and enjoy the afternoon together. Tickets are $120. 
2. Chocolate – raw and fair trade **change prices on site
3. Coffee or Tea – fair trade and organic
4. Herbal Teas – New Zealand grown ** 30g $19.90
5. Organic Reflect Outdoor Balm (sunblock) and Body Cream. This is my Independent Rep site
6. Organic Body Care. Same site as #5 above.
7. Superfoods, eg maca, mesquite, InLiven
8. Personal Blender
9. Starter Packs – choose from Smoothie or Sweet Treats.
10.Consultation – The Raw Foundations Package. Get started with confidence
and fast track your way to a higher raw life.

Free courier (NZ only) on the above for all of November.

All of the above can be found on our website
Any questions get in touch:
Have a fabulous week!


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