Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Help! My family won’t eat healthy food!

This problem comes up so often with clients; I need to regularly address it. For some of you it will be the first time you’ve seen a solution. For others, it will come as a reminder.

So...what do you ‘do’ with a reluctant husband or partner and resistant children?

Here it comes...the answer you’ve been waiting for, the magic bullet, and the solution to all your nutritional headaches....nothing! Yes, that’s right: nothing. Well, not much anyway.

What, I think, you need to avoid is changing too much, too soon. In fairness to your partner and children, you’re the one who wants the healthier changes, not them. So take the softly, softly approach and go with what will work instead of force-feeding (pun intended) and creating a food war. Neither you nor your loved ones will gain anything except a rise in stress levels. Which I’m sure you’ll agree is not exactly healthy.

Here are some suggestions to ease the transition.

1. Raw pasta is first on my list. Over the years I have been a raw food consultant the vegetable Spiraliser has been a best seller. Go here to watch me demonstrate. The unit you’ll see is currently unavailable but there is another sturdier option. Go here to buy. You can get a lot of use out of this contraption. At this time of year, carrots are a good option and in the summer courgettes are brilliant. I also use mine to make spirals (not noodles) with roasting potatoes and baking in the oven.

World Cuisine Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer
2. Use a raw or cooked dressing to go on the top of your raw pasta. I have an ebook with eight savoury dressings/sauces (and three sweet dressings – not for raw pasta). If they choose a cooked sauce, then bite your tongue and turn the other way; at least the noodles are a salad. Perhaps they’ll try a raw sauce another time.

3. Make a ‘Snowfreeze’ style ice cream with frozen bananas. All the texture and flavour of a fast-food bought one but none of the dodgy ingredients and near-empty nutrition. Peel, chop and freeze very ripe bananas, whizz with nut milk or dairy milk in a blender, add flavour: cacao, agave, vanilla. Or make it Lemon and Coconut, or Pineapple and Mango. Or make up your own flavour combination. Use the sweet sauces in my ebook for a topping.

If your family gradually accepts any or all of the above then you’ll be well on your way to improving their health. After they know that healthy food doesn’t have to be unpalatable they may well be willing to give some other foods a try, too.

Do what you can and be satisfied that you’re doing the best you can for now.

Be patient.


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