Thursday, September 19, 2013

Go Team New Zealand

The Americas Cup races are taking up a dominant part of Kiwis lives at the moment.

My husband is watching the tacking and the mechanics of the sailing. I am looking at the crew scurrying back and forth across the ‘bouncy part’ that is the deck. (Can you tell I’m no boatie?) I can’t help wondering what food they are using to power the high demands of their bodies.

If I was part of the catering team I would make sure they had power smoothies as part of their carefully planned menu. It would include my personal favourites of green powder, maca powder and chia seeds. A few other important superfoods too (of course), but these babies could boost their energy a bit more and might make all the difference in the crew’s performance. Sometimes it’s about the extra split seconds that can make all the difference.

I hope their nutrition advisors know about maca and chia. If they’d asked me sooner I could’ve gone over. I wouldn’t have minded a last minute request; there would be some inconvenience but one does what is important for one’s country. San Fran looks nice.

Go Team New Zealand! Bring home the cup!

Smoothie Starter Pack contains maca, chia seeds and coconut oil. Get one here.

The Joy of Food Series continues with the Joy of Confidence next Saturday, 28th September. It includes superfoods - what and when to use them, making juices and smoothies for particular needs and philosophy v sensibility. Of course, there will be the eating/drinking of all we make.

You are very welcome to come even if this is your first raw food class.



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