Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Everyone Wants To Be Healthier

If you’re tired, you want more energy.

If you’re sick, you want to get better – or at least, improve.

If you’re an athlete, you want better performance and recovery times.

If you’re overweight, you want to lose it.

And if you’re none of the above, I’ll wager you’d still like to be healthier!

Raw Nut and Raisin Chocolate 
Learning the fundamentals of incorporating more raw food into your life gives you the food tools to optimize the possibilities that your food offers.

Wellness is one of the few assets or purchases in your life that doesn't require time to enjoy.

Once you have wellness you enjoy going to work (ideally!), you suffer less sickness; have energy to play with your children or grandchildren or even to pick them up. In short, having wellness adds enjoyment and satisfaction to all areas of life.

You might buy time-saving equipment (a ride-on mower), join a bike club, a season ticket to the rugby or ballet, or take a cruise. But all of these things have a limitation in your life. They all require time to enjoy.

Investing in your wellness to enhance your life does not take these chunks of time. This would include but not limited to, better food and drink, supplements, herbals, etc.

If you attend classes to equip your knowledge and empower you, they would be time efficient when you evaluate the long-term benefit they would bring.

Every time you ride your bike, sail in your boat or go to the theatre it takes the same amount of time as before. Plus the upkeep, which is more time and money.

Investing in your wellness is time well spent and an efficient use of time considering the potentially huge benefits. Once you have wellness, you have it. Very little time is required to keep it up or better it.

We have had one class in our Joy of Food Series and you are welcome to join us for any or all of the other three.

Joy of Food Series
They could be one of the most worthwhile investments you make. Invest in your wellness and it could pay you back.



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