Saturday, May 18, 2013

Breast Cancer, Angelina Jolie and Me (and you)

Breast cancer is scary. Any cancer is scary. Angelina Jolie's decision to have a double mastectomy has brought a flurry of callers to talk-back - all with their stories of how it has been for them: their mother, aunt, sister, grandmother etc. I don't think there are many readers of this blog who haven't been affected by breast cancer, including me.

My maternal grandmother had pre-menopausal breast cancer and was one of the first successful post-mastectomy survivors in New Zealand, in the 1940's. It has made me very aware and I've already had one 'scare' needing an operation a few years back. All clear, thankfully - for now.

So what do I do to raise my chances of outsmarting and avoiding breast cancer? Trying to stay informed is important. Well thought out decisions can be made if you do due diligence to the plethora of information available. I read conventional as well as alternative and some that combine the two. So here is my approach.

I'm pretty careful about what goes into my body; I eat and drink well - this forms part of my decision to remain high raw. I've written about it a lot.

I'm also pretty careful about what goes ON to my body and what cleaning products come into our house. As much as possible I choose body care that is as chemical free as possible. The first things I look for on an ingredient label are parabens. In 90% of breast cancer tumours, parabens are found. Link 1. Link 2. Now whether they cause or contribute to tumours or if breast tissue is a storage area, is moot to me. They are there and I'm not waiting for research to discover it for me. I will pay more for body care and cosmetics that contain as few chemicals as possible. What goes on to the skin (the largest organ our body has) is absorbed into our body - again whether it is a little or a lot being absorbed is immaterial to me. A little is good enough reason for me to change what I buy.

Even if there are no parabens, I play ingredient detective on the other items.

If you don't know where to start with good body care products, here are some brands: Miessence (this is the link to my site), Inika, Karen Murrell, Karen Farley, Trilogy, Viola, Living Nature, Annmarie Gianni. There are more but that list is to get you started.

For house products I use Wendyl's Green Goddess, make it myself (ask me for recipes for laundry liquid and dish washer powder) or choose what I think is the best in the supermarket. Beware the 'green washing' that is on labels. Check research in conscientious magazines such as Organic NZ and Good. Don't forget Uncle Google - he can be quite helpful.

This body is the only one I'll have so I choose to give it the material it needs to maintain, fight and repair.

These actions are part of my Life Insurance program. I know there are no guarantees but I also know I raise me and my family's chances of avoiding disease or fighting it if I do these things.

I haven't said anything about mammography or thermography - except that I'm overdue (tut, tut) and I will make an appointment for one or the other very soon.

New book this week: Amazing Sprouts by Pamela Blowers (NZ) $18.50. Author and founder of Viola Organics. I read it this week and found it inspiring and easy to implement. I'm pleased to recommend it to you (with the exception of the few soy inclusions - you might recall I'm not 'best friends'with soy)



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