Saturday, April 20, 2013

Raw in Magazines

Raw in magazines, raw in the papers, raw on TV and radio. Anyone would think it’s a fad. To some it is and they will move on to the next thing soon enough.

For others this is fast becoming a lifestyle that changes everything.

For raw in the magazine (starring ME!) go to your magazine rack at your favourite shop and buy the latest M2Woman. Check their online info; they might have it up soon.

For raw on the TV. Go to TV On Demand and look for Seven Sharp, Friday 19 April. Just for the record, I am not a regular watcher of this. Why some people see other people’s choices and react like it’s their judgement, I’ll never know. If you’re comfortable with your choices, why get defensive? Enough said.

For raw in the paper, see today’s Stuff. It is also in the Sunday Times in the Magazine section.

For raw on the radio, see my site for the interview I had with Annabelle White and Duncan Garner.

For raw with YOU…what’s it going to be? Are you feeling that now is the time for change?

If you are saying, “Yes!” Here are some options for you:

Consultation – one hour with me to listen, ask questions, set you up with guidelines, boost your confidence and be your Cheer Leader.

Seven Day Program - The Silver DIY
- The Gold Level MixnMatch (up to two weeks of raw and cooked food)

Would you like to talk about it before making the Big Jump? Book me for a free 15 minute pre-consultation.



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