Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Easy Sprouts

Many of you Kiwi readers will be familiar with Good Magazine. I am proud to be part of their blogger-squad. There are three blog posts so far and I will be publishing one each fortnight on their webpage. You can find a link to them here.

These blogs will be different from my usual weekly musings so you may like to pop over and subscribe to Good Fortnightly; it is free. If on the other hand you fancy subscribing to their hard copy magazine (monthly) as well, there is a link on the free newsletter page.

If you're one of my overseas readers, then you can enjoy a little bit of Good kiwi writing, too.

I get their magazine and I enjoy it every time. So if you're even one of these: slightly (or very) green, like recycling, try to buy local, do a bit of DIY sometimes, enjoy fashion and food that is eco-conscious but still amazing, then this magazine is for you!

Fellow Aucklanders (and those who like to travel) might be interested in Good's Event, Discover the Secrets of Slow.

Amazing Sprouts is now in stock. Get yourself a copy for $18.50 (+ post)

"Amazing recipes and techniques on how to successfully sprout at home.

Pam Blowers - Author and founder of Viola Organics has written an informative and helpful 84 page book providing you with tips, recipes, ideas and contacts for all that is required to sprout a delicious array of vegetables.

Save lots of money by sprouting your own seeds, all that is required is a glass jar and special sprouting lid and you're away.

Other recipes included; smoothies, dressing, hummus, cakes, vegetarian patties and much more."


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