Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Herald and I

Last week I got a mention in our national newspaper, the New Zealand Herald. The Life and Style Editor had interviewed me and trialled some of my Seven Day Program. This article is her on-going 'take' on raw food.

Please have a read for yourself and tell me what you think. How does the article agree or disagree with your perception on eating fresh and raw food?

I would've liked the article to say, it doesn't matter how much raw you are eating, just start with something. I would've liked the readers to see that one doesn't have to eat 100% raw to enjoy improved health. And I especially would've liked to communicate that including more raw doesn't mean you can't eat meat or other animals products if you still want to, enjoy a wine or share a pot of tea with a friend.

But I am not a journalist and one must take what the interviewer chooses to present in her column. One day I want a column to write and there I will explain carefully the many shades of 'green' aka many ways to apply raw, fresh food in your life.

In the meantime, those of you who've been reading my musings for some time know well that I espouse all of those things and above all, encourage that where ever one can - start eating more raw food.

Shaping up for summer? Do it the easy way with our Spring Fling. Seven Days of eating all or high raw with me as your guide.

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Have a fabulous week - isn't it wonderful to see the new season's strawberries and asparagus?



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