Saturday, October 20, 2012

Protein Powders, Part One

These have become Big Business. I can only imagine the massive finances invested in marketing this ‘necessity’ to those wanting to boost their body mass.

Being the great label reader that I am, I investigated what wonderful ingredients make up this magic potion. One version contained Maltodextrin, Crystalline Fructose, Whey Protein Isolate and Natural & Artificial Flavouring. Another product wasn’t much more than brown rice powder flavoured with chocolate. So far nothing to justify the hefty price that goes with the goods.

Now stay with me here, people. What can you easily add to your everyday eating to increase your protein intake? Let’s take the humble smoothie, since I adore the way it can deliver a multitude of nutritional positives.

Obviously you’ll not want all of these in a smoothie – that would be slightly OTT but it’s good to know you have a selection to choose from. You can buy all of these foods in my webshop.

* Almonds – if nut milk is your liquid then 2 cups is approximately 16gm protein, if you keep the almond meal as part of your smoothie. Sieve it, and there will be less.
* Other nuts
* Flaxseeds – (ground)
* Chia seeds
* Sesame seeds
* Mesquite Powder
* Cacao Powder (now you’re talking!)
* Bee Pollen
* Maca
* Spirulina
* InLiven (probiotics) – the list could be longer, but you get the idea.

Now take note: all of the above deliver waaayyy more than protein. You get omegas, minerals, vitamins, fibre, natural sugars and more. See where I’m going with this? Neither do you have to put your kidneys and liver through the hassle of sifting the artificial ‘whatevers’ that are in the supposed health food.

It is possible to do kidney and liver damage by ingesting too much protein so taking Protein Powders should be done under professional supervision. I don’t think any amount of Pop Eye muscles are worth the risk of major organ damage. Neither the liver nor kidneys is particularly easy to replace.

Don’t let the fancy labels on protein powders intimidate you into believing that you need them!

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