Friday, October 26, 2012

Healing Cancer Summit

I know many people, both family and friends who either have, have had (remission or cure) or know someone who has The Big 'C'. You have a list, too.

What does one do? For those affected there are decisions to make: conventional, alternative or a combination of both. It can be a frightening time for all concerned.

I have decided to promote the 2nd Annual Healing Cancer Summit (starts 31 October) because although I know I won't agree with all the opinions brought, I also know that there will be many that I do. Besides, I believe everyone has a right to be as informed as possible and make decisions based on what they feel is best for themselves and their loved ones.

I also know that you're all 'big girls and boys now' and know how to sift information or have others around you to help you do so.

Please understand that I have deep respect for modern medicine - I am not of the thinking that it has no place in our lives. Alternative medicine also has my deep respect. I am not a 'them and us' woman. What I do wish for is a better marriage between conventional and alternative options.

Knowledge is power. The 2nd Annual Healing Cancer Summit starts 31st October.

The Summit is free, there are options to buy the series after the Summit and no doubt other purchases will be offered to you. You're probably clever enough to figure how to tape if for free but many of you will want the 'real thing' and some of the other products. Remember that going to doctors, treatment and drugs cost money, too; sometimes a lot of money.

So to be really clear to you all, my Dear Readers, I am an affiliate of the World Summit on Cancer. I will be listening to it and will write about it afterwards. As ever, I am extremely keen to hear your comments and opinions.

Please pass this blog and links around to anyone you think might be interested.

Here's to life! (Raise your glass of juice!)



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  1. Thank you for giving such a valuable information on cancer treatment,This information is really helpful for my grandfather who is suffering from cancer and will undergo cancer treatment in india.
    Once again thank you.


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