Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trillions of Bacteria Live Inside You

Today's blog is a summary of an article in The Times on probiotics.

Dr Mark Porter from The Times wrote this article entitled, 'Trillions of Bacteria Live Inside You – and it Pays to Treat Them With Respect'. If you have a subscription to The Times then you can read the entire article. For those of you who don’t here is a compact version.

Microbiota ‘…break down nutrients in our diet, manufacture vitamins, protect against infection and interact genetically with the immune system…’
‘…some characteristics, such as a high proportion of bifidobacter species, that are seen as desirable and “healthier”. And certain changes in the relative proportions of the different species are associated with illnesses ranging from asthma and eczema to diabetes, coeliac disease, irritable bowel syndrome and cancer of the colon.’
Microbiota are picked by babies during birth…further nurtured by probiotics in breast milk…favouring growth of “healthy” bifidobacter.
Babies born by caesarean section miss out on this inoculation. It is thought to be linked to 20% higher asthma rate amongst babies born by caesarean.
Many studies done but little ‘high-grade’ evidence that pre and probiotics help. (Plenty of anecdotal and ‘non-scientific’ results – my comment)
‘Taking an antibiotic is like throwing a nuclear bomb down your gut and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary — particularly in young children.’
Good bacteria need a diet high in fruit, vegetables and whole cereals (no surprises there – my comment)
Steer clear of anyone offering colonic irrigation.

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Happy, safe and blessed Easter, everybody!!



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