Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Time to Learn

To stay up to date with the latest in your career field, you need to regularly go to conferences, workshops, listen to pocasts and read.

Whether you're a stay-at-home mother, lawyer or doctor, if you don't keep upskilling you'll get into a rut and regress rather than improve and progress. At the very least, it is motivating. To become more informed and better experienced or qualified is the optimum outcome.

For my fellow Queen City dwellers, in a couple of weeks the Green Living Show is on at Alexandra Park, Greenlane, Auckland. And guess what, folks? I'm one of the seminar Speakers. My topic is 'Raw Food and Weight Loss with Food That Tastes Great." My slot is 4pm, Saturday 12 May. For further details go to this link. I'll be taking the opportunity to attend other seminars and do some eco-shopping whilst there. Should be fun.

Here's another Expo, this time via the internet so everyone can attend. This coming Saturday, 28th April the Food Revolution Summit begins. Tune in to around 24 Speakers; there is no charge for the Summit although the calls are live only. Register here. If you know someone smart enough you might be able to record yourself. Otherwise, you do have the option to buy the Empowerment Package - downloadable interviews along with transcripts and other bonus resources.  There will be something, or several things or lots for everyone. Some I'll pass on but there are others I'll definitely want to hear. Click here for details.

What are you doing to increase your knowledge and wisdom in your life? (NB. knowledge and wisdom are not the same thing). There are many podcasts, eBooks and Programs to choose from and, don't forget your local library.

Test all things, as not everyone can be right. Bear in mind that medicine and science are constantly updating and correcting themselves. And learn to sift as you read; just because the writer has a differing outlook on life it doesn't mean all he or she wrote is to be ditched.

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