Thursday, April 12, 2012

How Do I Eat Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

This morning my friend asked “Would I like any feijoas?” Would I like any? Is the sky blue? Is the grass green? Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back? My daughter and I were invited to forage amongst her hedges of feijoas and harvest to our heart’s content. Thank you, Bronnie!

Feijoas picked today!
Crawling along, fending off the attacks of low apple tree branches, we happily filled our bags. Occasionally feijoas were tossed to the friendly, asthmatic sheep eagerly waiting on the other side of the fence. Twenty minutes later we staggered to the car with two heavy bags, leaving plenty for the next person.

Over the next few weeks those wonderful shrubs will drop a plentiful harvest challenging the most domesticated gal to come up with ways to enjoy and preserve the largesse.

I have great intentions for my stash. They shall be dried, frozen and of course, eaten as they are. Scooped, they will be my muesli partner for breakfast. They shall appear neatly chopped for dessert with a drizzle of agave to balance the sweet and sour.  I shall make a raw Apple and Feijoa Pie. Frozen pieces will become sorbet and smoothies. Dehydrated, they will feature in my sprouted muesli and will be poked into the centre of my Chocolate Date Fudge or Nut Roll. I will try to juice some but I suspect they could be too pulpy; I need a cider press.

And if I still have any leftover I shall consider a baked cake. Did you notice that the previous ideas were all raw? Pretty good, huh?

Seasonal eating has many benefits, the most obvious being that they are usually budget- friendly; sometimes free (the ultimate Budget Friend!). Food picked at height of ripeness has the optimum nutrients. If you’re lucky enough to harvest straight from the tree, garden or vine, then essential sugars only ready with ripe fruit are there for you. (Fruit picked for supermarkets/export are mostly picked before ripening, short cutting the development of these important sugars.)

By the time the glut of your Seasonal Fruit/Vegetable is over you are usually more than ready to move on to the next arrival. Who would’ve thought I could tire of asparagus? Now long gone until next season; a dim salivating memory.

Although I’m thrilled with our bags of feijoas I know that in a few weeks I will be (almost) sick of the sight of them. But that is how it should be. Life is full of cycles.



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