Saturday, November 5, 2011

Socialising With Friends and Family Who Are Not Raw

Choosing a high raw way of life need not be socially isolating.

I enjoy meeting a friend for a coffee and a chat (it’s cheap therapy - compare $7 with $120 an hour for a counsellor!). Since most cafes do not offer raw options I will not create a fuss and ask to find one that does.

My preference is to enjoy the company of my friend without her feeling pressured to, a) not have coffee and a piece of cake or, b) find a café that serves raw.  I can see that as being too hard and pretty soon my friends will not want to meet me. The last thing I want to do is put my friends off the merits of being raw; although I would not come across as being high-and-mighty about it, perception is everything and I’m pretty sure that’s how I’d feel if the situation was reversed.

In a situation like this I choose to do what is best for my friend. I try to keep the big picture in mind – a coffee and piece of cake is not going to ruin me. Eating out for a meal is another story as it’s perfectly acceptable to eat salad with no meat without setting yourself apart as ‘different’.

Similarly, if I’m eating at a friend’s place, either for morning/afternoon tea or for a meal, I will always accept graciously and gratefully what they have prepared.  An allergy would be an obvious exemption but I don’t have any. For me, to refuse a food that has been offered in friendship and perhaps even prepared especially in anticipation of my visit would be the height of rudeness. No amount of ethical rawness would justify a refusal by me.

Likewise, if I host a friend for tea or meal I wouldn’t foist a totally raw meal or sweet on them. I will make a raw option and tell them what it is so they can choose.  Most friends will ‘give it a go’ and be pleasantly surprised at how nice it is.

Left to their own timing and choosing, you may be surprised how many family and friends 'cross over' or at least increase their healthier options. When I counted up how many have been influenced by my high raw choices, I am both surprised and humbled. Be the advertisement and not a 'nag'.

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