Saturday, November 12, 2011

Reluctant Husbands and Desserts

When I write a book on Raw Food I'm going to put the chapter on desserts and sweets treats at the front. It's usually the first place I head to in a new recipe book and inevitably it's towards the end of the book. I reckon most of you understand. Bearing that in mind, I recommend desserts and sweets treats as one of the first raw foods you use to convince your husband or children that raw food is a good idea.

The idea of raw noodles made with zucchini is quite normal to me but once upon a time it wasn't. It is easy to forget how this messes with someone's mind when suggested for the first time. So what's a mother to do when she's ready to start introducing more raw food to her family in her quest for optimum health for her loved ones? It's pretty tricky to convince a meat-lovin', pasta eating, white bread and ice cream hubbie or teen to try something that, quite frankly, sounds weird.

Forget the raw pasta, sprouts, and green smoothies for now. Yes, I know they're good for them and if they'd only just try it....Back off Barbie! Take my advice, hold your tongue and wow them quietly and matter-of-factly with a slice of Berry Cheesecake or a Chocolate/Mint version. How does Lemon & Coconut Ice Cream sound? Chocolate Ice Cream? What about Brownies, Date & Nut Truffles or Strawberry Thickshake? To be fair, a new food can take a few tries to be adopted into the family menu, and the texture of raw ice cream isn't exactly the same as a dairy version but it won't take long to aquire a taste if it tastes good.

Once your family begin to be accustomed to raw desserts, the light will go on that raw food isn't as weird as it first sounded and they don't have to become a "hippy" to go more raw. They might even be open to trying some other options - like raw pasta!

Whatever the timeline in your house, try to respect the choices of your husband and older children and be the advertisement. I can't promise you will get raw converts but I can be sure you will have a more peaceful atmosphere than if you were the pushy but well-intentioned wife/mother. I still have children who peer suspiciously at something new but others who are very happy with a new raw dish.

Aoplogies if you're the man-of-the-house reading this. If so, I'm sure you can apply the principle to your situation.

If you'd like to give Chocolate Date & Nut Truffles a try click here.

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