Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mainstreaming of Veganism and Raw Food

So... celebrities are assisting the normalisation of raw food or veganism - or both. No longer are these eating choices the domain of hippy, tree-hugging, free-lovin', sandle wearers. Indeed, you will find them wearing high heels and lipstick, or in the case of the men-folk, the latest environmentally friendly, organic tee shirt but still high end chic.

Recently the New Zealand Herald carried an article telling us about the mainstreaming trend of veganism. It seems vegetarianism is no longer hip enough for celebs. Raw is the new black.

Enough of the seeming sarcasm; I am actually very happy about it. If my perception used to be (even as a organic health foodie) that raw food was for the afore mentioned weirdoes, then surely an attitude change in favour of your average mainstream person, has to be a good thing. Eating a high raw diet has to be one of the healthiest ways to eat and so help to improve your general wellbeing or even aide in your tussle with health issues.

I've come to see that the more raw food a person can make as part of their day, the better for them. Whether it's Demi Moore, Bill Clinton or anyone else, I don't really care. Choose your own celebrity from the list to inspire you or to help you change; whatever.

But here's the interesting thing for me: raw food or veganism (or both) can be successfully applied to sportsmen. "NFL player, Tony Gonzalez...245 lbs (that's 111 kg) attributes..." This means, done right, a sportsman could do very well following a high raw diet. Especially concentrating on including more of the high protein and fat foods that are usually a smaller percentage for the rest of us. By 'done right' I mean making sure your food plan is truly balanced and not self-assessed. Whilst deficiencies can be the result of any diet (most 'average' people have deficiencies on 'average' diets) they can still occur in the healthy crowd, too.

Other names on 'The List' include, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Russell Brand, Ozzy Osbourne (for crying out loud, redeeming the time or something? I'm a raw coach not a psychoanalyst, so I won't go there). See what I mean? You have to feel sorry for the original Tree Huggers, being pushed to one side; eclipsed by fame. Or hopefully, like me, they don't mind.

Eventually, I'm sure that some of these celebrities and their adoring fans will swish through this and on to the next food-fad. In the meantime I welcome their presence and hope some stay.

My blog has been a bit quiet for the last few weeks. We've been working on our Seven Day Raw Program, and I'm excited to's nearly finished! Yipee! It'll come with a menu for Seven Days (obviously), including breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon break, and supper. All recipes and shopping lists supplied. As an added bonus we've decided to add mini-movies for almost all of the recipes. Can't say when it'll be ready but I can say...soon!

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