Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why Do I Eat Mostly Raw Food?

Why do I eat mostly raw food? The answer to this question is based on a simple equation rather than a philosophy or conviction. By that I mean I am not high raw because I am vegan or vegetarian; I suspect most who choose those food paths do so due to animal rights issues.*

When I looked more studiously at the bio/clinical differences between raw and cooked I found these things: the higher water content, why enzymes are important, how omegas work in our brain and body and why they are important for pre-born babies, young children and adults, why a wide range of as many vitamins and minerals as possible are essential. The more I read, the more I could see that if I ate and drank in pursuit of these things then I needed to be consuming as much as possible unheated or raw. In order to enjoy optimum health, hopefully avoid degenerative disease, look younger for longer (who doesn't?), maintain a trim figure then eating high raw is what I need to do. Food + action = consequences. My choice, your choice. I suspect it's a bit like a law of physics, E=Mc2

Of course it helps that the tastes are and can be great, I love the crunchy textures, the sweet options are guilt free and healthy, and there are no preservatives (read labels carefully), colourings, artificial sweeteners & other chemicals or transfats. What is there not to like here?

It still seems to be easier for me than weighing food, endless supplements (some may still be helpful at times), counting calories and points,and joining clubs with regular fees. Cheaper, too.

If you're struggling with including more raw in your life and changing habits, then stop and think what it is that you want for the rest of your life. This will help determine your actions more reliably than depending on how you feel at any given time. Just do yourself and others around you a favour and try not to get obsessive about it! Trust me when I say that you're no fun to be around when you start to become a member of the Food Police :-)

* If you're assuming I "don't care about animals/insects", please don't. Almost 30 years ago I read about battery chickens and felt ill. I had no idea. Since then I have never knowingly bought battery eggs again. Even if there was no nutritional difference between battery and free range eggs, I would still pay more for the latter. The only chicken meat I buy is free range. Organic would be nice but for now price makes it prohibitive. When eating out and I am considering a chicken dish, I ask if it is free range, if not, another item is chosen. When buying bacon I scour the deli shelves looking for free range and preferably preservative-free. A Christmas Ham is also free-range. Red meat in New Zealand is invariably  free range and I favour organic, if finances allow, for both animal welfare, nutritional & soil issues. Ditto milk. (Please note that I never query what I'm offered when at at friend or family members house.) Our honey comes from an organic farm, harvested sustainably and is raw. My cosmetic and body care is Miessence who do not test on animals and where honey is used it is sourced sustainably (vegan friendly). You can read their policy here. Although it's not so much animal rights as 'people rights', I buy Trade Aid/Fair Trade items whenever I can.

When I was a little girl my father showed me how to rescue an exhausted bee by taking her a wee bit of honey on a teaspoon. It was fascinating watching her long tongue take what would give her the strength to (hopefully) return to her hive. I have done this all my life and showed our children how to do the same. It taught them the up close beauty of the bee, the wonder of creation and led them to understand the crucial importance of bees in our food cycles. They are my favourite insect.

May you more thoughtfully enjoy your health this week.



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