Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reflections on a Seven Day Detox

Just before I comment on the Detox I want to remind you about the wonderful price reduction for the Vita-Mix (NZ readers only). $1295 for the Red, White or Black model and $1450 for the Stainless Steel model. If you pay by cash/internet banking I will reduce the price by a further 3%. And as an extra sweetener, I will pay the $25 courier fee for your Vita-Mix to be delivered to your door. What are you waiting for?

One week on after the Seven Day Detox I have some thoughts that I'd like to share with you. Namely, what would I do different next time or more pointedly, what would I include if I wrote my own

The first thing I'd say include as "ok" would be tea and coffee. I like tea and coffee - they're one of my 'cheats'. You all know what happens if you suddenly stop drinking caffeine. That dreaded headache kicks in. I don't like headaches, so I chose to keep my breakfast cup of tea going and some evenings I had my traditional night-time cuppa, too. Besides I'm not actually convinced that tea and coffee is all that bad;there are now known advantages to drinking the stuff. It comes down to personal choice.

It's highly likely the headache that afflicts most detoxers is actually withdrawal and not necessarily a detox headache. It's not so much a detox headache as much as a withdrawal symtom.

If the thought of a headache for two or three days is too hard - some of us have to keep working - then by all means keep a cup of tea or coffee going. It's not going to ruin your week of detox.

Better to keep a cuppa on the program than fall off the wagon completely because it all gets too much.

Alternatively, go ahead and take a panadol to break the headache cycle - obviously that's contentious but heck, if that's the difference between you 'making' it or not then have the panadol. The chemicals will get ditched pretty quickly with your detox anyway.

There were little to no fats in the program. I'm not sure what a nutritionist would say about that. Possibly no big deal for a week but that is the real reason you drop weight quickly. Definitely not to be done longer than a week except under professional supervision; you can do yourself long-term damage with not enough fats in your diet.

The weight loss obtained over the week can inspire you to keep building good habits once your detox has finished. For me, I was pleased to feel my jeans a little looser as little bit by little bit I'd put on some weight over the Winter.

That's one of the good things about the discipline a detox enforces on you - it's a good kick-start to doing better than you were before. The Seven Day Detox has now been taken down but there is a 21 Day Program available for those of you wishing to still do a detox. And in case you're wondering why I'm sending my blog mid week instead of the weekend when I was supposed to, that's because I'm working on my own Seven Day Program! So exciting! It's not a detox ( I will write on later) but a program designed for those who've either been to one of my workshops, gone home all inspired and enthused only to have life get in the way, and good intentions fading with that pesky guilt feeling hovering around. You know who you are! and this is going to be just what you need to get you onto an increased raw life style. Watch this space!

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