Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to Make Muesli

Did you check the article I posted from The New Zealand Herald this week? I said I feel a blog coming on and here is my first response.

Many moons ago I used to toast our muesli, now I don't bother. Our Smith-Standard comprises of rolled oats, cinnamon, dried fruit and nuts. That's it.

This is not a total raw breakfast as it takes heat to roll oats. However, it's perfectly good as not-quite-raw muesli.

Work out the ratio of these ingredients to suit your taste but watch out for the amount of dried fruit you add. They might be good for you but they are also concentrated bundles of sugar (fructose).

A cereal bowl breakdown (serving portion) is around 1/2 c oats, 1/4 - 1/2 t cinnamon (I love it so tend to be generous), 1 d dried fruit and 1 T chopped nuts/seeds.

Use what you've got. This week's batch included raisins, sultanas and chopped macadamias (NZ). Other batches might have apricots, dates, cashew nuts, almonds or sunflower seeds. Chuck it all in a really big bowl or clean bucket, mix and store. I fill our cereal container and keep the rest in large plastic baggies. For the time it takes to make a mix, I may as well make it a big one. It saves time in the end.

For extra nutrition you could add chia seeds, ground flaxseeds or maca powder (work it out at around 1 t per serving). I don't bother; I save the super foods for smoothies and unbaking.

However, if I'm making sprouted, dehydrated buckwheat muesli then all manner of nuts, seeds, fruits, super foods are added. But that's for another blog.

Much easier to stick to this one most of the time.

I serve mine with seasonal fruit and home made yoghurt or kefir.

Good for you and good for your purse.



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  1. I used to toast my oats as well, its mostly laziness that stopped me. We top our oats with some dried fruit, yoghurt and occasionally stewed apples - not raw but tasty :)


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