Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Eating Healthy Food at Work

It can be difficult to consistently fulfil your healthy eating desires outside of the home.

This week I offer a few tips so you can continue to enjoy the food that you want whether you're on the road or in the office.

1. Plan in the weekend. Buy and make what you need. For example, flaxseed crackers. You could vary the flavours each week to keep your interest. Or maybe you quite like the same dependable version.

Crackers are quick and easy to make up. The time is in the drying. It's just as easy to mix a large batch as it is a small one. If your crackers go soft, (as they can do in Auckland humidity) pop them back into the dehydrator to freshen up. You don't need a dehydrator but it helps.

2. What fresh fruit and vegetables are seasonal and best value? Try to pre-make your salads and keep them in jars (see photo), baggies or plastic containers. Take your chosen salad dressing to work in a small jar and toss through when ready to eat. This is important for salad made up of 'softer' greens such as lettuce.

If you have a hardier green such as cabbage or broccoli or cauliflower (yes, I know it's not green) then Premix with dressing at home. It will be better for having the flavours marinating together. Include a small amount of raw nuts for good oils, protein and the satiating effect.**

If you want to pre-make salads, bear in mind that lettuce doesn't keep too well when cut. Cutting for eating the same day should be fine but not for tomorrow. Ripping is better. However, pre cut Brassicas keep beautifully for a few days. So, lettuce salads early in the week, the tougher stuff later.
Salad in a Jar (courtesy

3. In the weekend, make a batch of Chocolate Date and Nut Rolls, divide recipe in two and add sour cherries to one batch. Or two or three drops of peppermint essential oil (food grade). Perhaps you fancy some mini cheesecakes this week. There are so many delicious sweet treats to be made that are raw.

4. If you have a secure kitchen area at work, then invest in a Personal Blender and keep frozen berries in the freezer. Perhaps in your desk area, keep a drawer with provisions to be added to a smoothie: raw nuts (nut milk), coconut oil, honey, chia seeds and whatever superfoods you prefer, such as maca powder. Take a banana to work and you are set up to make a smoothie that will carry you all the way to home time.

5. If #4 isn't an option, make your smoothie at home using frozen fruit and take in an insulated big mug.

6. Keep some 'nibbly bits' handy. If you get peckish and hear the snack dispenser calling your name, then reach for your supply of raw nuts, kale chips, raw chocolate or flax crackers.

No post-lunch slump for you!

If you have any other handy tips, please do share them.

**if you include egg, cheese and especially cooked meat pieces in your salad, be sure to pack a mini ice pack. We have a small plastic bottle half filled with water in a snap lock baggie that is returned to the freezer after each use. Pack the ice pack right next to your salad container and keep it out of the sun during your commute.



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