Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Benefits of Eating More Raw Food - Part Two.

The Benefits of Eating More Raw Food; Following on from last week, here is Part Two.

Enroll in The Joy of Food Series and begin to experience the benefits!

The 'Joy of Food' Series start August 31, 2013

1. See last week’s post for Physical benefits.

2. Mental and/or Emotional
  • Clarity of thought
  • Depression elevator
  • Cravings ease or disappear
  • Food addictions addressed
  • Happier moods
  • Deeper cleansing of ‘issues’

3. Relational
  • Improved sexual response
  • Confidence in appearance gives confidence in relationships
  • Better able to deal with conflict because of growing confidence
  • Clearer assessment of friendships and other relationships that may be dysfunctional

4. Spiritual
  • Renewed appreciation of Creation/God
  • Gratitude as life improvement attained
  • Greater appreciation of the Seasons
  • Connection to all that Slow Living means, including deeper satisfaction with life

5. Business and wealth
  • Greater earning potential due to more energy, better health and clarity of thought
  • More finances available due to less health expenses
  • Seasonal food is usually well priced

6. Environmental
  • Less demand on resources
  • Less contribution to pollution 
  • Less contribution to oppressive working environments
  • Pleasure of gardening (where able and inclined)
  • Less power used (not as much cooking)

7. Other
  • Less time in kitchen
  • Improvement in food quality; increase in vitamins, essential minerals and fats, fibre, etc

The Joy of Food Series is such a good investment if you want to experience the benefits of raw food. Pass this blog on to someone who needs to read it.


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