Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Replacement for Soy Sauce

I am not Best Friends with soy. Many of you know that already.

So what do I use instead of soy sauce? Up until recently I was using Bragg Liquid Aminos as it was one of the few brands I could find that used non-GE seed and was unfermented. I needed something to replace that very handy soy sauce taste. And lots of raw recipes call for it.

Coconut Secret, Raw Coconut Aminos, Soy-Free Seasoning Sauce

Another amino sauce (coconut based) has come my way and I’m very happy with it both as giving adequate flavour and not being soy.

The brand is Coconut Secret and comes in bottles of 237ml ($16.95). I have some ordered so will be carrying the stock in time for my raw food classes, The Joy of Food Series.

You can use it in cooked as well as your raw recipes.

Unless one is eating completely from scratch and sourcing only certified organic ingredients it is very difficult to avoid soy.

When I’m out I make an effort but don’t make a song-and-dance about it. But when I’m home I get to make the culinary decisions.

Soy has been accused of enough to make me more than hesitant to use it. Until science can unequivocally refute these, I choose to err on the side of caution.

The main complaint for me is the xeno-estrogens associated with soy. There are other issues, but even if this was the only one, it is enough for me.

There is no nutritional advantage in soy that cannot be supplied by another means.

This decision is right for me but as ever I can only suggest you do due diligence and put your research hat on. I wouldn’t like to think a client had changed their mind “because Christine said so.” Well, not for too long – so until you get the time and inclination to research, by all means, adopt my stance.

So once again, I am looking forward to Marinated Mushrooms.

For your enjoyment, here is the recipe:

1 cup or more of tasty mushrooms – Portabella are good if finances allow, otherwise Button mushrooms will do
1 – 2 T extra virgin olive oil
1 – 2 T coconut aminos
black pepper

Slice mushrooms, toss through the oil and aminos. Make sure mushrooms are well covered but not swimming in liquid. Scratch over some freshly ground black pepper and allow to marinate. These will be ready in half an hour but longer is better. But don’t let a sudden fancy of Marinated Mushrooms to stop you from a good idea. Make and serve immediately, if you have to!

Still yummy the next day.

Except for heat, these babies look very like their sautéed counterparts. In fact, considering that so much of our dinner has lost some heat by the time we eat it, no one may even notice that they’re eating something raw with their steak and tatties.

The Joy of Food Series of raw food classes are coming up soon. If you’ve been thinking about coming along, please head on over to here and register. If you’re not too sure, then you might have a question I can help with so that you can make a decision. If so, email or call me….I’m not very scary – really, I’m not.

Enroll in The Joy of Food Series and begin to experience the benefits!

The 'Joy of Food' Series start August 31, 2013


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