Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Joy of Food

What is the difference between gluttony and enjoying your food?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Joy of Food. These two words don’t usually go together. I haven’t finished thinking about it yet but I wanted to tell you my thoughts so far.

If something tastes great then often it’s associated with guilt which is about as far away from joy as you can get. These days I prefer not to eat a food if I really don’t like it. I either find a way to prepare it so I like it or leave it out.

Often women (and some blokes) go on diets which inevitably equates with temporary misery only to be replaced by frustration when any weight loss is regained, plus a bit more.

Ah, the battles in our minds that we have become accustomed to over the years. Should I? No, I shouldn’t. Go on, no one will know. Okay. No. Well, just a little bit then….

But it’s never a ‘little bit’, is it?

Why do we do this to ourselves? Food is one of the great gifts in life. It could’ve been created for purposeful functionality only but it looks gorgeous, smells amazing, the texture so satisfying and the taste…sweet, juicy, crunchy, sour, salty, and so many more delicious adjectives.

The difference between indulging and relishing starts in our minds. At what point do you know when you've had enough and when the stage has been reached when more is too much?

I suggest you take a quiet moment and purposefully decide where the dividing line is for you at the moment.

It is hopeless for me to have a morning or afternoon tea/coffee without something to nibble on. It is part of my tradition and it feels wrong not to. Rather than change that habit, it is easier to change what I eat. A well chosen snack will give me energy instead of feeling tired, hungry and cranky. What can I eat that will serve my body and my mind?

I try to choose something that is ‘close to the earth’ most of the time. If I’m at a café this isn't usually an option. But that’s okay because it doesn't happen as often as my better choices do. A piece of cake with cream (of course) isn't going to ruin anything. Since they’re usually too big, what I need to learn is to leave some behind or take some home in a serviette. One of my children would see it wasn't wasted.

I propose that the expressions, “to die for”, “indulge” and “luxury” should be banned from foods. There is nothing immoral or wicked about cake and cream, ice cream and fudge sauce (raw or cooked) or hot chips, for that matter. Trim is not more virtuous than full fat and there are no bonus points for eating a plain boiled potato over a crunchy roasted one. Provided that you have sorted the balance, that is. Learning the difference between occasional and everyday foods is the key to freeing yourself to experience joy without guilt in your eating and drinking.

I have found the balance that is right for me with raw and cooked foods. If you’d like to talk this through or want me to help you plan how to achieve this blissful balance, book a Raw Foundations session with me.

Bring back the Joy of Food to your life!


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