Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Natural Remedies for Coughs and Colds

Are you looking for a natural remedy for coughs and colds in your household?

I can recommend these from the experience of what our household has had over the last week or so. A couple of my dearly beloveds had need of remedies.

One came down with the thick head and tell-tale sore throat that usually precedes a cold that lasts two weeks. The other,  a pesky cold-then-cough that creates general discomfort, a sandpaper nose and much coughing when people are trying to sleep. You know how it is.

The two-weeker turned into a three dayer; call it co-incidence if you wish but since one can’t time-travel and reset to compare results, I am going with the assumption that the ViroGone from Artemis actually helped. Naturally, I plied the Significant Other with fresh juices, lots of water and good food. But really and truly the recovery has never been as quick as this. Definite thumbs up and this product earned a place in the Go More Raw Web shop.

Although the second Case History coughed and filled copious tissues, she has recovered remarkably quicker than I am accustomed to. (Remember we’ve had five children with our fair share of viruses to observe over the years).  Actually, the amount of nose-emptying (sorry) was exactly what the Chest Relief was supposed to do.

I commend both of these products to your natural remedy approach for you and your family this winter.
These are on special in our shop until stock runs out.

Artemis Chest Relief, $31.85 (rrp $51.00)

Artemis ViroGone, $37.40 (rrp $60.00)

Don’t forget our Starter Packs: the Smoothie Pack will make 25 – 40/50 smoothies and the Sweet Treats #2 a minimum of 10 batches (give or take; really depends on how many Cherries and if you use them each time).

My last comment for the week: “25% of what we eat keeps us alive, 75% keeps our doctors alive.”

Apparently this is an Egyptian proverb. Whether or not the ratios are true for your life or not, it is still a proverb worth considering for our food choices.

Choose well, and enjoy your food!



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