Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Starter Packs and Keeping Warm in Winter

Introducing…Starter Packs.

The ideal way to get started making some raw recipes. Try the smaller sizes and then you decide if you want to buy the bigger ones later!

Sweet Treats #1 (chocolate cheesecake, chocolate, etc)
Cacao Powder, 300g                                                      
Coconut Nectar, 250 ml                
Cacao Butter, 250g         
$56.85 (rrp $59.70)

Sweet Treats #2 (Date & Nut Rolls, Brownies, etc)
Cacao Powder, 300g                      
Sour Cherries,                                  
Shredded Coconut, 250g             
$48.25 (rrp $50.75

Smoothie Starter Pac
Coconut Oil, 500ml                         
Maca Powder, 250g                       
Chia Seeds, 250g                             
$57.80 (rrp $60.70)

One recipe suggestion supplied with each pack.

Thanks to Sharyn and Mary-Anne for a very good idea.

Winter Warmers for Raw Foodies

For those of us in New Zealand we are now seeking nourishing and comforting foods. For many of us who eat high raw, this may mean beginning to choose more cooked foods. It could be that our bodies ‘ask’ for these as we need to conserve energy to keep warm. Or perhaps to build a little extra layer of ‘body insulation’.

For those of you who would like to keep a high raw intake going, there are some little tricks to feel warmer. Include ginger in your juices and smoothies. I suggest you try to obtain organically grown fresh ginger but if you can’t, give them a good scrub with detergent and hope there are no systemic sprays used. You can use powdered ginger; start small and add according to taste. It is the herb to take for circulation, so that is why it makes you feel warm on the inside.

The other little ‘trick’ is to use more chili and/or cayenne pepper in your dressings, flaxseed crackers and other savoury raw dishes you make. Warms you up!

If you do find yourself wanting some cooked food, I advise you to have it. Please don’t waste emotional energy arguing with yourself about raw integrity, etc. Respect your body’s wishes and make your adjustments as the season goes on. There are many cooked side dishes you can choose which are nourishing just as there are those which are not. I'm sure you don’t really need me to tell you which is which…do you?



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