Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Probiotics: sorting the best from the rest

It is quite likely you’ve noticed “probiotics”, “healthy gut” and “good bacteria” in media. There’s even a TV commercial with funny blue blobs fighting on a seesaw to demonstrate that gut balance is important.

A healthy gut is very important. Did you know that 85% of your immune system lives in your gut?

It is in your interests to understand this as well as you can so you can make an informed choice. (Oh, and your animals will do well on this, too.) Our elderly cat bounced back after an abscess and anti-biotics.

But how do you tell which is a good brand to buy? There are so many to choose from. Each bottle or jar brandishing impressive stats, claims and big numbers all vying to convince you to spend your dollars on their product.

Last week I listened to a webcast about the probiotic InLiven and Fast Tract.

I’m passing on some of my gleanings to help you sort the wheat from the chaff.

1. Is the product certified organic? This is a quality assurance that raw materials are of the best quality. Most other products on the market don’t qualify.

2. Are there prebiotics present? These are needed in a probiotic as food to feed the bacteria. The bacteria need to be fed.

3. Is it a viable probiotic? Is it a living culture and not dead bodies? InLiven’s bacteria are grown in their own labs from grain, fruit and vegetables. Believe it or not, some probiotics are created from faecal matter. Not nice.

Does it have the ability to on-ferment? Can it raise bread or make sauerkraut? InLiven and Fast Tract can do this.

At least 12 are needed preferably 13 (to properly balance the gut).

The bacteria in InLiven and Fast Tract have been evolved (or stressed) to create strength. The strongest ones only are harvested and then re-stressed. This has been done over and again until resulting in highly evolved strains resistant to ascorbic acids and chlorine.

Note that bacteria counts and large numbers are there to confuse and convince that more is better. The label won’t tell you if the bacteria are alive or dead. Probiotics must be living. Counts don’t matter.

4. Are they fermented? Probably the most important thing aspect of InLiven. This is a three week process for each batch. The company is not aware of any other supplier that does this. Fermentation preserves the food that feeds the bacteria and is a natural preservative. Fermentation improves digestibility, increases enzyme content and is easier to assimilate.

So there you go. Use this list to rate your own probiotic, if you use one.

If you have questions, email me. I have my own success story and those of others including nailing candida, dealing with adult acne and, improving the immune system of a young man to such an extent that both he and his mother are amazed. I love success stories.

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