Saturday, March 23, 2013

Raw Food for Children

This week I took a mini-workshop-healthy-food-education-thing for children.

A wise person once said the truth has to be simple enough for a child to understand, so I figured they'd be smart enough to either start or add to their young knowledge of what is good food and why should we eat it.

There really isn't too much difference in teaching that to adults: I just use more complicated words :-)

Kids keep you on your toes: they haven't learnt the art of polite indifference yet; when they're bored or had enough or need a change of pace, they sure let you know.
There's something in the genetic make-up of most kids that tends not to take what a mother says seriously; teachers always know better. Enter, Christine: teacher of healthy food and how to do it. I'm also a mum but the children didn't twig to that. They actually took most of it in (one can't expect perfection), and what didn't settle into their young minds this time laid a passive foundation for a later day.

The gist of it: what happens when you put the wrong fuel in a car? What happens to your pet if you feed it 'people food' or cheap stuff instead of good pet food? What happens to a garden if the soil isn't fed each season? No matter where you look in nature and in man-made products, you get out what you put in - including YOU. If you want to look like a Princess or be a Superman (or an athlete...whatever is applicable to a child) then you have to give your body the food and drink it needs.

Our bodies are marvellously designed to be able to absorb the Good Stuff (nutrients) in our food and food is marvellously designed to be able to supply it. But here's the clincher: you have to put it in your mouth! Osmosis is for trees not people. Nor can you stand outside, and breathe in what nutrition you need.

We made vanilla ice cream sundaes with blueberries and chocolate sauce, with chocolate chips. It was all raw and all good for them. Most liked it, one wasn't a fan of vanilla but she'd probably like it with another flavour. Another one wasn't fond of blueberries (sad child!). No matter, there are so many alternatives. The point was to show them that healthy food can be very yummy indeed and there's no need to give up all your favourites- just find another way of making it.

Then I showed them how I make raw pasta with courgettes. They all wanted a turn, of course. We poured over the Red Capsicum Vinaigrette and they devoured it. Yes,I know they ate the 'hard tucker' after their sweet but it didn't bother them.

Lesson for me - never assume that kids might not like something. They loved it.

Mission accomplished!

Thank you, Rebecca and friends, for the privilege of speaking into your youngsters lives.

Check out my Raw Food Program - many of the recipes are perfect for children - especially the sweets and dressings! Starting a change-over to more raw is so much easier if you start with the sweets!



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