Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rules for Raw Food (Part Three)

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But first, Part Three of Christine's Rules for Raw Food (& healthy living). I just know you've been watching your Inbox for the last installment (wink).

21. Drink lots of water.
22. Get good sleep.
23. Keep learning and practising how to deal with stress.
24. Forgiveness is a good idea.
25. Use healthy body care on the outside as well as the inside. What goes on the skin is important, too.
26. Buy wisdom. Be prepared to pay for good food, equipment, coaching,consultations, recipes.
27. Learn to grow a little or a lot.
28. Eat locally grown produce but remember growers in developing countries need our support.
29. Don't feel guilty if you choose American almonds - the plane was coming anyway.
30. Your turn...what would you add to my list?

Yesterday I had the privilege of hearing Donna Gates speak. I learnt a lot and there's some things I want to check out. 

I'll be blogging this week with some ideas for you to start to incorporate into your lives. Hint: lots of lovely bacteria. 

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