Sunday, July 8, 2012

International Raw Food Day

Wednesday   11th July is International Raw Food Day.

To celebrate, inspire and encourage Go More Raw is offering the Seven Day Program for half price for one week only.

Yes, 50% off. You have until next Monday 16th to take advantage of this as the price won’t be this low again.
Chocolate Cheesecake

Go raw for seven days or stretch it out for two or three weeks as high or medium raw – which ever suits you.

If this coming week isn’t the best for you – whatever reason – bear in mind the Silver Level can be bought this week, downloaded and saved for whenever is better timing for you.

If it’s the Gold Level that you’re after (that’s the one with individual and personal support included, then go ahead and buy it now and we can slot you into a time schedule later that suits us both.

Sometimes we need a reason to jolt us into action, especially if it’s something we’ve been meaning to ‘get around to’. This could be the time for you.

A 50% discount…take advantage of this offer because it’s only available until next Monday 16th July.



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