Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Making Movies On Location

“She’s making movies on location…” Not quite what Dire Straits had in mind but I can make the line fit the occasion. The “She” is me and “location” is our kitchen. I am a reluctant Movie Star being a camera-shy kinda gal since I was a child. But I was very brave and firmly put my fears to one side so we could make movies for you.

Once I got past the first few awkward ‘takes’ I confess I started to enjoy it. The camera-shy could become camera-vain and fancy herself as a TV Raw Food Coach. Now there’s an idea…

For those of you who like to watch how a raw recipe is done, not just reading, trying to ‘see’ the result then you will be extra happy with what the Seven Day Program includes. Almost all of the recipes have a video to match because we knew that for some, the change from conventional cooking to raw food (un)cooking can mess with your mind. Oh, and there are colour photos of the prepared food all through the recipe book, too.

When Grandma changed over from her wood stove to an electric one, it would have been a huge mind shift but she didn’t have the luxury of videos and the only movies around in her day were silent, black and white and on the big screen in the city. What a marvellous age we live in.

Once you’ve bought The Seven Day Program your videos are in the Members Area so you don’t have to go searching around YouTube. Yes; we thought of everything to help you lose weight and improve your health as easily as possible by going a little or a lot more raw.

Menu – tick
Recipes – tick
Videos – tick
Shopping lists – tick
Support – tick

Everything has been done for you except for one missing piece – YOU! I can’t be you – that’s your job; I’ve got enough on my hands being ‘me’!



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