Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bugs Bunny, Pop-Eye & the Optometrist

The other day I went to the optometrist for a checkup. As I was leaving he told me to “eat broccoli, spinach and carrots” for good eye health. He finished with, “You are what you eat, you know.” Yes, I know.

“Oh, yes”, I replied “I eat a lot of raw food.” He didn’t know what I meant ( I could tell from the non-reaction), and up-skilled me some more by saying that the greens were better for my eyes than carrots. Resisting the temptation to explain what raw food meant, I assured him that I certainly would eat my broccoli, spinach and carrots and left with a smile on my face.

I instantly knew what my next blog would be about.

You all know how to eat cooked broccoli, spinach and carrots but what about interesting and tasty ways to eat them raw?

Eye-Health Food 101

Baby spinach is lovely in salads and also very easy to add to smoothies. In fact, you can consume a lot more spinach in a smoothie than on a plate. Don’t be put off by greens in your smoothie; it can’t be tasted if you balance it with other flavours. Strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, mangoes all cover the taste of spinach. Even a Chocolate Hit* smoothie does the trick. It turns your smoothie a little green, pink-green or blue-green depending on what you choose as a partner. Think of it as Smoothie-Art.

I have to say I haven’t tried broccoli in a smoothie and don’t feel inclined to. Cut into little trees they hold generous amounts of dips.  Sliced they can become a Slaw. Used with cauliflower they can feature in a ‘risotto*’. Or just scatter slivers through a salad.
Cauliflower Risotto (from the Seven Day Program)

Carrots make a fabulous juice addition (or by themselves) as they are naturally sweet. The juice has an amazing colour. Juicing allows you consume six or more times more than you would ever eat in a salad. Whilst you’re at the juicer, feed through some spinach leaves, too. Of course, carrots make a faithful and obvious salad addition.

When I was a kid I would choose a big carrot, slice down the middle and scoop out the long core. Then I would stuff it with cheese. Yum. Now I would skip the cheese and replace with a nut cheese or thick dip*; so many to choose from. A raw (dairy or goat) cheese would be nice, too.

My Optometrist would be impressed.

*These recipes are in our Seven Day Program.



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