Friday, September 23, 2011


Change can be exciting or scary or both at the same time. Life has shown me that change is unavoidable and will happen with or without me.

It’s probably a good idea to be the mistress of my own change than be blown around and have it foisted on me. My latest ‘change’ is the Seven Day detox I wrote to you about the other day. Even those of us who’ve been on the Raw Train for sometime can ‘default’ from time to time. A program like this is perfect for focus and a little life audit. I’ve got a Kiwi Team around me all ready to start next week.

What about you? Whether you’re in New Zealand, US, Australia or Rarotonga this is for you. You’ve got until our Monday morning to sign up for it as it comes down Sunday night US time.

There is no charge to this program and, I’ve been on Tera Warner’s list for a couple of years now and I’ve never had anything pushy or inappropriate yet.

Perhaps it’s the right time to go ahead and get that Vita-Mix you’ve been putting off for a while now. Whilst it’s not a necessary piece of equipment it sure does make light work of a smoothie and blend it to perfection. I never did get used to those little bits of green that didn’t quite break down in my old blender. If you’re in New Zealand, contact me for my Seven Day Smoothie Vita-Mix special deal.

If anyone has Sir Peter Jackson’s ear, please tell him that I would love to join his Foodie Team. I would ply him and his crew with such yummies that they never knew healthy food could taste so good.

Raw vegetable pasta and sauce, marinated vegetables and cauliflower risotto all raw and served alongside his meat and potatoes if he so chose. Follow main course up with cheesecake, date and nut rolls or ice cream – all dairy free, sugar free and totally good for you (him). Perhaps he’d like a smoothie to go on since he’s in too much of a hurry between takes. That’s fine, I can make amazingly tasty smoothies loaded with superfoods that will keep you (him) going for hours. Pure and fresh juices, healthy snacks and foods loaded with intense nutrition because they’re ‘raw’ will see him oozing energy and loosing that pesky weight to boot.

It’s a win-win – Sir P enjoys health, food and energy and we enjoy The Hobbit. Sounds like a good deal to me.

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