Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Can I Still Be Raw and Eat Meat?

In the raw food world there are varying opinions on what it means to be raw. Some say that only 100% qualifies and others are happy with less. Some time back I wrote about this with the motivation to reassure that there were “different strokes for different folks”. I want to reiterate that again as I think it important to be clear where I stand on the topic. Better to fly the flag so there’s no confusion or disappointment with readers.

High raw is my preferred option. I am not and never have been a one hundred percenter. There are, of course, valid reasons to be totally raw but for me it is for a limited time for a specific reason. A detox or time of fasting, or a health crisis that necessitates prompt action, would all justify my being totally raw.
One of the books that I promote and have used extensively over the last couple of years is Rejuvenate Your Life by Serene Allison. Recently she added a new forward to her book to explain why she had changed from being exclusively raw for seven years to including some animal products and cooked whole food in her and the family’s lives. She is still committed to a high raw lifestyle.

To all the folk who have bought this book, either the hard copy or e-book, I will send you the addendum.

To those who haven’t, I still totally recommend this book. At NZ$18 for the e-book and NZ$28 for real thing, it is a really good buy when compared to other raw books with many recipes. It has a ‘homely’ feel to it as there are no photos and basic binding but definitely not to be underrated.

Seven Day Detox – How many of you were interested in a Spring Clean detox but found the thought of 28 days a little too much? Well, how about a Seven Day Green Smoothie detox? And here’s the surprise: it’s free. You don’t see that word around much these days. So what have you got to lose? Go on, give it a go.


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