Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Raw Food Class - Delectable Desserts and Sweet Treats

A two hour demonstration making delicious and nourishing raw cuisine.

From 2 pm till 4 pm, Saturday 4th October 2014, this class is for anyone who would like to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence in making delicious raw, plant based desserts and sweet treats.

This is for you if:

You wish to add to your repertoire of simple, quick and healthy food
You wish to encourage yourself, family and friends to eat healthier
You want healthy food which is delicious, versatile and nourishing
You have a sweet tooth but don't want to "go without"
You are trying to replace foods with refined sugar for better sweetener options

To whet your appetite, how does dairy free Ice Cream with Chocolate Crackle sound? Cheesecake, Fudge and Cream? Banana Cake, Chia Pudding and Cream? As well as a Slice and chewy Biscuits.

You'll enjoy some of the above for afternoon tea and take home the other samples in a goodie box for later (you might have to hide them).

All the desserts and sweet treats are raw and plant-based, ie no dairy or eggs. They are also gluten free and refined sugar free. Most recipes are Paleo friendly, too.

If this appeals to your sweet tooth as it does to mine, then click here for all the information you need about this class.



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