Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cough and Cold Formula for Children (and Adults)

Those of you with young children, may be wondering what cough mixture you are going to use now that your choices are limited.**Full story here.

My husband and I well remember long nights of sitting up with each of our five children as they struggled with a cough or cold. It’s hard to watch them struggle through a coughing fit, followed with crying because it hurts their throat. You’d take it from them if you could.

It’s good to see herbal options are a viable alternative. We’ve long finished with the wee kiddies versions of winter bugs but the older children and adults still pick up and suffer with colds and coughs.

We’ve been using Artemis’ Virogone and Chest Relief for the past two winters and I am very impressed.


As soon as we feel ‘something’ coming on we start with Virogone; it lessens symptoms and shortens duration. Chest Relief is for when congestion starts and sore throats. Full instructions are on our website here.

My best advice is that you buy a bottle of each for the medicine cabinet so that it is ready to go when you need it.

For young children and babies (0 – 6 yo), choose Kids Chest Relief (Night and Day versions).

Kids Chest Relief - Day
Kids Chest Relief - Night

Other options to include would be honey and lemon, herbal teas, comforting chicken soup (the real thing, if possible), fruit, lots of water (important!) and plenty of rest.

By the way, for local shoppers who would like to pick up their order and avoid courier, email us rather than use the Shopping Cart:

** Last night (8/6) One News ran a story about Medsafe's withdrawal of pharmaceutical cough and cold medication for children under 6. While this is not a breaking story for most of us, it is still news for many families in New Zealand.  It is great that this health message has been broadcast to the masses on prime time TV.

Oh and by the way Spiralizers are back in stock.


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