Thursday, March 13, 2014

Healthy Choices One Step at a Time

An improvement in health may be gained by incremental steps rather than monumental ones.

In my experience and in watching clients, it’s the small but determined Baby Steps that make changes both easier to implement and more likely to succeed.

Waiting until you’ve got everything in place or until your ‘ducks are all in a row’ will result in kicking the can down the road indefinitely. There will never be a perfect time to start.

Someone said to me recently, “I’m not quite ready to start.” Ready for what? Ready to give up meat? Alcohol? All cooked food? Chocolate? (Heaven forbid!)

Food is mostly a mind game, in my opinion. It’s your mind that chooses, not your tummy or your schedule. You are in charge of you.

So choose to start. What ONE thing can you do today to start a healthier you journey?

Here are some ideas:
A glass of water first thing in the morning
Coconut sugar in your coffee instead of white sugar
Butter instead of margarine
A salad (fresh/raw) with each cooked evening meal
Wedges instead of chips
A drink of water before you quench thirst with tea, coffee or juice
Home-made gravy or sauce on your meat instead of buying packets or jars. These usually have sugar, a lot of salt and chemicals in them.

These are very simple and forgive me if I sound like Captain Obvious. For some though, this means they’ve started or can choose something else to change.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.“

What is your ONE step for today?


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  1. I am trying to turn my diet around, its a gradual progress. I have gone completely gluten free and it has greatly improved my Hashimotos. I would love to go vegan but with my condition a lot of uncooked foods, especially goitrogens have to be avoided.

    I will read more as I want to learn more about raw food.


  2. That's so true! Everyone can make one small change, and that builds confidence to change something else


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