Friday, November 16, 2012

Super Charge your Smoothie

Banana, milk or yoghurt, berries, protein powder. These seem to be the standard ingredients to a Smoothie. It seems a shame to waste a good smoothie opportunity without taking the chance to load it up with goodies to give your day a super-charge start.

So here are some of my suggestions: if you can't have bananas or don't like them, choose another creamy fruit such as mango, papaya or pawpaw. If you can, substitute pasteurised milk for raw milk, nut milk, oat or rice milk, fruit juice or even plain old water. Any of these is a step up from shop milk which is mucus forming and will hinder your efforts to add some nutritional 'wham' to your day.

What other fruits have you got languishing in your fruit bowl or veggie drawer?. Have you got some left over apple you froze when your Little Darling had had enough? A bag of frozen berries, pineapple? Great; mix and match your flavours to suit your mood. blueberries for a pretty purple, strawberries for a gorgeous pink. Coconut, and pineapple for a Tropical sensation. Mango on its own for a wonderful taste; pretend you're in Fiji!

Boost with super food powders; maca, mesquite, chia, ground flax seed, probiotic etc. Oil is good: coconut oil is easily incorporated as is flax seed oil such as Waihi Bush.

So many choices...

Your blender can be your personal Smoothie laboratory. Go forth and create!

Morning-after Smoothie
I am a bit of a tea-totaller so this doesn't come from personal experience. However, it sounds so nice I might have it anyway. For those of you who would be interested in trying it sometime, here it is:

2 bananas, chopped and frozen
3 c almond milk
2 shots espresso, cooled
ground cinnamon to garnish

Blend the bananas and enough milk to a thick smoothie consistency. On medium speed, gradually add the remainder of the milk, then the coffee. Pour into two tall glasses and sprinkle with cinnamon. Serves two.

Do let me know if it makes you feel better, won't you?
(Eating for the Seasons, Janella Purcell)



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