Friday, September 14, 2012

Spring Fling

Seven Days of guided fresh, raw food gentle detox to welcome Spring and start shaping your body for Summer.

Winter as the traditional season of comfort eating is over and our bodies do not need the same amount of heavy foods. Sometimes it's hard to change eating habits and begin new ones that are appropriate to the time year.

Join me for seven days:
  * slimming salads and delectable dressings,
  * sweet treats that will satisfy without the guilt
  * smoothies that will super-charge your day
  * Menu
  * Shopping List
  * Recipes
  * My daily support
  * how-to videos

This is not a Boot Camp. It is a gentle change-over and a gift to your body. No one is going to yell instructions and motivate you with guilt and unattainable photos of gorgeous Sweet Young Things. You are already beautiful and are about to enhance your 'gorgeousness'.

Your investment is $187

Choose from these dates: Saturday, 29 Sept - Friday, 5 October
                                    6 -12 October
                                   13 - 19 October
                                   27 Oct - 2 November

Book as soon as possible - I have limited placements for 'Spring Flingers' each week. I don't cram as many people in as I can because I want to be able to give you quality support time.




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