Saturday, August 18, 2012

Coconut Oil

This oil has been in the news a bit lately.

The ‘official’ dietary advice says it is bad because it is a saturated fat. The tide seems to be turning but it has a long way to go out yet. The Alternative Crowd have long said it was a good oil to use and got slammed for it. They got on and kept using it, ignoring the current opinion. Good for them; looks like they were right.

In our house it goes in Smoothies. In a Chocolate Smoothie it tastes like a certain chocolate bar – the chocolate/coconut one (wink). In other Smoothies I hardly notice it; the family don’t comment so the taste ratio must be right.

I use it as a moisturiser, make-up remover and mild dermatitis-helper. It is a very cheap and totally safe alternative to KY Jelly.

Secrets like this need to be told because they will save you mega-bucks and don’t have potential side-effects. The Big Companies don’t want you to know this because you will stop buying their stuff and they will become Little And Insignificant Companies instead.

There is so much more to learn, as this following list indicates. I have tried a few but I will be kept busy trying out a few more for some time to come.

And so for your entertainment and wisdom accumulation benefit, here is the link 

PS. Yes, I sell this in my Shop. The brand I choose is a Raw (what else would you expect ), Cold-pressed, Virgin Coconut Oil. It lasts me ages- well, about two months. The glass jar is handy for storage, too.

When you consider what this wonder-oil can do it is a frugal buy indeed.

What do you do with Coconut Oil?

Thanks to Jo from Soul Fertility for sharing this link.



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