Saturday, June 9, 2012

One Direction

Something I can take for granted with you all, Dear Readers, we are all going in One Direction. Not the darling boy band (although some of us are hauled along with our sons and/or daughters), but that One Direction in the pursuit of better health. We might stagger and fall but we stand up, dust off and start moving again. Perhaps we veer off into a side bay for a while to regroup, nevertheless there is reassurance that even if our paths look a little different we are all in this together and can encourage each other.

I love reading about home-grown companies that are often born of a necessity to find solutions to health issues. I'd like to take a few lines in upcoming blogs to tell you of some of them. Some of these companies supply our webshop. Once we've found product we love, we like to share them with you.

This weeks focus is on Waihi Bush Oils. I discovered this company when I was looking for a replacement for fish oil. I wanted to avoid the possibility of heavy metal accumulation. Waihi Bush use New Zealand grown flaxseed oil (along with other ingredients) and have a range of oils to address different needs.

There is one for children and another for our menfolk. If you're pregnant, have struggles with eczema or dermatitis, acne or just want to supply your already healthy body with omega 3 and 6 then there is one for you.

I buy the oil to put in with smoothies since it is the more economical option. It's also easier for me to open a lid and pour it in the blender than it is to swallow them in their capsule form. The capsules are ideal for my daughter who just wants the oil not the smoothie. Total recommend.
Waihi Bush Organic Farm Products

You'll find them in our webshop. We can also send overseas - certified organic, proudly grown and produced in clean, green New Zealand.

All of us want the best health for our darlings and ourselves. Happily for us there are so many options to choose from.



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